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10 Hottest Female Black Athletes: Where is Serena Williams?



What body type is considered to be the hottest? Men and women of all ages still beat about the bush, trying to establish the truth. Are curvy women perfect? Sure, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but what about lean sporty ladies?



The perks of a fit athletic body are undeniable as we can see strong, almost titanic work, in every muscle. And muscle relief is especially prominent if we observe protruding abs on the tan body.



10. Gabby Douglas



Gabby Douglas is an American gymnast, world champion in 2011 and two-time Olympic champion in 2012. To date, Gabby Douglas is the only African American, who became the champion in the absolute and team classification of the Olympic Games



9. Allyson Felix



The legendary American runner Ellison Felix is the fifth most titled woman in the history of the Olympic Games. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, she won two gold medals, which became the fifth and sixth in her collection.

8. Laila Ali

Laila Ali is a professional boxer, the daughter of Muhammad Ali and his third wife Veronica Porsche Ali. Laila became famous, also choosing a career in boxing.

7. Seun Adigun

Seun Adigun is a famous bobsledder, who was born in the US in a Nigerian family. In 2012, she already participated in the Olympics

6. Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux is an Olympic champion and the main star of the US national football team. Trying to find her place in the sport career, a Canadian-born athlete entered the team where she found success. In 2012, the US team won the gold medal at the Olympic tournament for the third consecutive time and for the fourth time in history. Leroux was 22 years old. She became the youngest player in the gold-winning team

5. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is an American tennis player, four-time Olympic champion, owner of the non-calendar Grand Slam Helmet and career Golden Helmet.

4. Winifer Fernandez

Winifer Fernandez is called the sexiest volleyball player in the world, having received the gold medal and the Most Valuable Player award, performing an absolutely successful game during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

3. Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens is a 28-year-old professional tennis player. She won Grand Slam tournament in singles (US Open-2017). Sloane is the winner of six WTA tournaments in singles, number one in the Federation Cup (2017) as part of the US national team and the winner of three Junior Grand Slam tournaments in doubles.

2. Natasha Hastings

This ebony beauty specializes on track-and-field sports.

1. Skylar Diggins

If you do not pay particular attention to the NBA, then Skylar Diggins will give you an urge to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the match.


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