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10 Most Expensive Properties Michael B. Jordan Owns



Michale B. Jordan is one of the most popular actors in recent years, and he has a net worth evaluated at $23 million. It will not be a surprise if he becomes even wealthier in the coming years. The actor has a close relationship with his family and his first millionaire purchase was a house he gifted to his parents where he also lived for some years.



However, Michael B. Jordan also spends money on things he loves, like fashion and privileged seats when he will watch a sports match. Here are some ways the Black Panther star likes to spend his millions.

A House For His Parents

Michael B. Jordan has strong family values and his fans could tell that when he became an A-list star. The first expensive purchase the Creed star did was buying a home for his parents back in 2015. The Spanish-style Sherman Oaks home cost $1.7 million, and the actor was overwhelmed with joy when he got it. He said that it was a bucket list thing for him, and he was still living with his parents back them.





“I love my parents, but we have a roommate relationship right now, which is interesting. You know, you get home-cooked meals, but then you also have random trips to the kitchen in the middle of the night and just the random run-ins that might be uncomfortable from time to time,” he once said.

A $5.8 Million Home For Himself

Michael B. Jordan made the headlines a few years ago because he was still living with his parents. But last year, he moved out and purchased a 4,530-square-foot Hollywood Hills compound for $5.8 million. The place has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge swimming pool, and a rooftop balcony. It looks like the house we all would love to live in.



An Acura NSX Evaluated At $156.000

Celebrities often have a valuable car collection and Michael B. Jordan made his first fancy purchase last year. The actor bought an Acura NSX, which is evaluated at $156,000. More than just a car, owning this particular vehicle was a dream he had for a long time. “One of my fave cars as a kid was discontinued. This year it came back, so I had to have one,” he said.



The impressive Acura NSX goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds thanks to its 573 horsepower. The vehicle is also environmentally friendly and makes 20 miles to the gallon.

A Fancy Bike

Michael B. Jordan doesn’t spend money only on fancy cars when he wants to get around. He also loves to bike, and he got a Session 29 racing bike frameset, which is evaluated at $5,000.

“It’s the perfect way to experience the woods and also get around the city without being stuck in traffic,” he explained. It is also a great way to remain fit, and Michael B. Jordan loves to be physically active.

Starting A Watch Collection

Collecting fancy watches is another habit that many stars have and Michael B. Jordan is one of them. The actor seems to be just starting his collection, but we have seen him using some expensive watches on red carpets and interviews. The actor already used a Piaget Altiplano covered with diamonds, which certainly costs thousands of dollars.

Michale B. Jordan also has a Polo S timepiece ($9.350). During the MET Gala 2017, the actor chose an Altiplano 60th Anniversary timepiece in yellow gold, which is valued at $25,200.

A Louis Vuitton Jacket

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most stylish actors we have seen in the last year. He has a great sense of fashion and this Louis Vuitton Jacket is proof of that. Of course, it comes at a high price– It costs $2,700.

The Most Elegant Suits On Red Carpets

Michael B. Jordan is well-dressed daily, but he always stands out among the crowd when there is a red carpet. He is often the most elegant man at those events and he loves to combine classic suits with fashion details that drag everyone’s attention.



While most male stars keep it simple on the red carpet, Michael B. Jordan has an impressive collection of suits which includes brands like Berluti and Calvin Klein.

Seats At Los Angeles Laker Games

The Black Panther star is a basketball fan, and we have seen him at courtside at Los Angeles Lakers games many times, where he often sits next to other A-list stars like Jay-Z. Of course, it comes with a price! A ticket there costs at least $1.785!
Of course, it is a price most people would not be willing to pay, but if you had a $13 million net worth, perhaps it wouldn’t sound so expensive and it would be worth watching the games so closely.

An Impressive Shoe Collection

Michael B. Jordan loves fashion, and it is no surprise he spends part of his fortune buying fashionable sneakers. Back in 2016, he said, “I probably have close to a hundred pairs!” It is an impressive number, but we bet that his collection is even bigger now, years after that interview.

The actor is proud of his collection, and sometimes he shares a glimpse of it on his Instagram.

A Gym At Home

It is no surprise that Michael B. Jordan has built a gym at home. He loves working out, and he is often cast for roles where he has to be in great shape. He already showed his private gym in an advertisement video, and sometimes his fans can also see it on his Instagram.

Building a gym at home costs at least $2,000, and we can tell that his gym has much more than any basic home gym. Jordan also hired Corey Calliet as his personal trainer. Calliet is famous for having high-profile celebrities in his portfolio.

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