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13 Years on, Timo Glock Reveals Hate he Still Gets From Fans for Infamous Lewis Hamilton Pass



One of the famous incidents in Formula One history was the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix. Felipe Massa crossed the line in first place and thought he won the championship. However, title contender Lewis Hamilton overtook Timo Glock and finished fourth, seizing enough points to steal the championship from the Brazilian.





Now, many years later, from that infamous day, the German states that there are people who think he let Hamilton pass. Additionally, he had protection from the police after the race, and also revealed that letters were sent to his family.



The German driver couldn’t keep the then-McLaren driver in his rearview mirrors. Lewis went on to take fourth place, which saw him secure his first title in Formula One.





However, there are some who feel that Glock let Hamilton on purpose. Speaking to PlanetF1, Glock said, “There are still people out there that think I did it on purpose.

“I was reading comments where I said we have this interview coming up, that people say ‘ah, it’s really interesting to see how you explain to Felipe that you let the door open like this and you didn’t fight against Lewis.”



“I go to the airport when I left Brazil, I had a police escort to the airport. I got even letters sent to my family back home to my parents which were really under the limit.”


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