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Michael Jordan NBA Records That Are Still Standing The Test of Time.



While this is quite shocking considering the fact that Jordan has been retired since 2003, many believe that he had retired “mentally” and “physically” before then. MJ has some amazing achievements, including 6 NBA titles and 10 scoring titles to his name. But there are a whole lot of records that Jordan has broken, which will probably stand the test of time.



10. Highest career PER (Player Efficiency Rating)

P.E.R. aka Player Efficiency Rating has become an important stat to those that pay attention to the analytics of the game. Michael Jordan showed that he was the best of all-time by leading this stat before players even knew it existed.

The P.E.R. of 27.91 has Jordan at the top of the all-time list. LeBron James is not too far behind with 27.39 and even Anthony Davis is relatively close at 27.10. Today’s stars factor in efficiency into their play more than prior eras which will help someone pass Jordan relatively soon.



9. Only player to win MVP, DPOY and scoring title in same season

In 1987-1988, Michael Jordan captured a record that has remained until today. In fact, it may last for eternity. We have not seen a player be as dominant on both ends of the floor since Michael Jordan. He won the scoring title and the DPOY in one year, something extraordinary and special. Of course, after an impressive season like that, MJ deservedly won the MVP.

LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are two names that are sensational regular season performers, but they could not manage to win these two awards let alone in combination with the MVP in one year. MJ was clearly the best player when he played, and it will be very difficult to find someone who can score at a high level and shut down the opposition at the same time.



8. 10 times NBA Scoring Champion

No one in the NBA was at the same level of Michael Jordan when it came to scoring the basketball at his prime. Jordan won ten scoring titles every season between 1987 and 1998 with the only two exclusions coming during his retirement.

The scoring title is hard to accomplish since every team has a player that they want to take the most shots. Kevin Durant only won three scoring titles and Kobe Bryant won two to show just how hard it is for any elite scorer. No one is matching Jordan here unless a superhuman joins the NBA.



7. The Most Points Per Game In NBA History

Jordan averages 30.1 PPG for his career. This figure stands out from the rest of the league, including Wilt Chamberlain (30.0 PPG) and Elgin Baylor (27.3) who were second and third respectively.

Jordan won a whopping 10 scoring titles, and his PPG average only gives more evidence that he was the game’s greatest scorer. MJ just was a perfect offensive player, with his ability to shoot from the perimeter and also finish at the rim, no player made it easier to score than MJ. He was efficient, with a career 49.7% FG, and consistent since he came into the league. There really isn’t any doubt as to which player could score at the highest level.



6. 6 times Finals MVPs

Michael Jordan’s playoff dominance saw him going six for six in the NBA Finals winning six NBA Finals MVP Awards for each title. The potential of winning six NBA Championships is hard enough, but the Finals MVP adds another dynamic.

5. Fewest games played to reach 32000 points

Only five players in the NBA have crossed a total of 32000 points across their career. Michael Jordan is one of the players of this elusive list. While other players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant might have scored more points from MJ, Jordan took the least number of games to reach the milestone.



‘His Airness’ took only 1059 games to reach 32000 points- that’s an average of 30.2 points per game, What makes this record more insane is that MJ came back from a three-year hiatus from the game and played the last two seasons as a 38-year-old.

If Jordan wouldn’t have retired in the first place, he could have broken this record in less than 1000 games.

4. The Most Points Per Game In The NBA Playoffs History

Yet another offensive record that Michael owns, Jordan has the most points per game average in NBA history in the playoffs. MJ blew away the competition each time he played in the postseason, even when he was young and not progressing past the first round. MJ might very well have been the best player in the league as a rookie, with many claiming that he was already the game’s greatest scorer.

3. Most career points in Bulls history

Michael Jordan is fifth all-time on the NBA scoring list and first all-time on the Chicago Bulls scoring list. The impressive number of 32,292 points in his career was even more fascinating since Jordan retired early twice.

2. The Most MVPs And Finals MVPs Combined

Michael Jordan has a record of 11 MVPs and Finals MVPs combined. While Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has one more MVP to his name than Jordan, MJ has 3 times as many Finals MVPs.

If there are two trophies that the greatest players covet, it is the MVP and the Finals MVP. These trophies indicate who the best player in the regular season is, and also the best player at the highest level of basketball in the NBA Finals. Jordan’s combined 11 MVP trophies blow away the competition, with Kareem coming second with 8 and LeBron James with 7.

1. Only Player In NBA History To Earn More Money Than His Entire Team

Although this is quite funny, it is actually true. MJ made more money than his entire Chicago Bulls squad. In 1998, Jordan managed to earn a whopping $33.1 million salary, more than his entire team combined. The next highest was Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc at $4,560,000.

In fact, Jordan earned more money than was allowed as per the salary cap. MJ’s agent managed to get Jordan the extra money due to a contractual loophole that gave MJ an extra $15 million due to an endorsement deal.


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