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3 Adorable Moments Michael B. Jordan surprised His Fans And Their Reaction



Audeva Agyeman

The Creed actor, 34, surprised super-fan Audeva Agyeman after she took a life-size cutout of him to prom as her date earlier this year. Agyeman thought she was invited to the Creed 2 set just to look around and was told Jordan wouldn’t be there.





“I thought that was super sweet so I just wanted to do something special for her and get her to come by and check out the set,” Jordan says in a video of the surprise before sneaking up behind Agyeman.





Agyeman immediately freaks out and runs into Jordan’s arms before hilarious saying, “Oh my gosh, you’re touching me!”

Jordan posted the video of the whole exchange on his Instagram.

“I had to surprise @de.gye after hearing about her taking me (kinda. Lol) to Prom. She had no idea we would bring her to the set of @creedmovie but you know I had to show her some love since I couldn’t actually be her date,” he wrote alongside the video.



Sylvia Wilson

When Wilson, a junior at Temple University, saw Jordan was filming “Creed 2” on campus Tuesday, she sent him a direct message on Instagram and offered to buy him a smoothie, as first reported by BuzzFeed.



To her surprise, Jordan responded. He said the smoothie was unnecessary, but he invited her to the film set for a photo.

“I asked him, ‘Do you want me to get you a smoothie in exchange for a picture?’ and he DMed me back a couple hours later and was like, ‘OK, you don’t have to buy me a smoothie. Just come to the trailer later and we’ll take a pic.'”

Jordan arranged things with the set’s security team, and Wilson and several of her friends hung out with Jordan and took pictures.

Sadly, after awhile, a crowd started to form and Jordan had to bail.

“He didn’t really want that,” Wilson said. “He originally said only six people could come because he didn’t want a whole bunch of people knowing that he was on campus.”

After their meeting, Wilson said people asked her what Jordan smelled like. She jokingly compared it to the Mahogany Teakwood scent at Bath & Body Works.

“He kind of did smell like that. But I was like joking around when I said it,” Wilson said. “I don’t know why people were asking why he smelled like. … It was so random.”

Bolu Babalola

Actor Michael B Jordan has met up with a fan after a Twitter joke containing a photoshopped image of the star went viral.

Adoring Jordan fan Bolu Babalola posted a mock plea for Twitter users to reunite her with a claimed holiday romance, and used a picture of the actor photoshopped into her own holiday snap.

The viral joke has now led to Babalola and Jordan being united on the red carpet for the European premiere of Creed II.

Jordan posted a response to the initial post following their meeting, saying: “Happy Twitter did its thing. Great meeting you (for the second time).

How would you react if you were tO meet Michael B. Jordan?


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