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A Look Inside Michael Jordan’s $80 Million ‘Joy’



Following his retirement in 2003, Jordan built an empire of brand supremacy. His Jordan brand has yielded humongous successes, and the yacht is the result of it. In 2015, the 14-time All-star elevated his status to that of a billionaire, becoming the first basketball athlete to do so. During the course of his career, he won 6 NBA titles, and over a million fans.





As a result, his brand was always going to be a huge hit. Back in the beginning of 2019, MJ decided to purchase a valuable piece of art for his brand dominance. The result of this, was an $80 million worth yacht, reportedly named as ‘Joy’. It has been nearly three years now, and numerous images of the starlet in his cruiser have gone viral.



‘His Airness’ has taken a ride on his yacht multiple times, enjoying the lavish life. It is filled with luxurious amenities, has world-class features all over.



MJ’s 230 feet long mega yacht has 8 spacious bedrooms, a full bar, and a huge dining room. The Hall of Famer also has a fully equipped gym, in case, he wants to burn a few calories after a splendid dinner cooked by the best chefs around the globe.





The yacht even has a basketball court, which he can use to have a fun pickup game from time to time. Along with that, it has a top-notch satellite system to allow him to watch his favorite shows or movies any time. Lastly, there is a big jacuzzi onboard allowing MJ to freshen up without taking a dive off the boat.


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