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Anthony Hamilton Opens up on His Son’s Retirement Plan.



Lewis Hamilton is still in the championship fight for the 2021 season against Max Verstappen. He lost the US Grand Prix by the tiniest of margins and could not pass the Dutchman at the end. Anthony Hamilton, Lewis’ father, mentioned that he will keep fighting till the end, no matter the result.





Anthony spoke about how, despite being 36 years old, Lewis is still fighting with drivers aged 22 for the title. He also stated that the seven-time world champion has no plans to retire from the sport as of now.



Lewis Hamilton is 36 years old right now and has a contract to race in F1 till the end of the 2023 season. As reported by talkSPORT, Anthony statedit is very rare that a driver of 36 fights against 22-year-olds in the championship.





“Being the elder in the series, whatever it is, are winners because it’s very rare that you get to the age of 36, 37 years of age and still be able to compete at this level with drivers that are 10 years your junior, so for us, every day is a championship win.



“There isn’t a huge amount of pressure on Lewis, but he’s competitive, and in every race that he competes in, he wants to win. He’s going on 37 but going on 22,” concluded Anthony.

Given Lewis’ age, there is significant speculation about his eventual departure from the sport. However, Hamilton Sr. made it clear that Lewis us not hanging up his boots anytime soon.

“I’m not sure [how long he will race] is the answer. As I always say to him if you feel fit, if you’re still enjoying driving the car, still love getting in it, then keep going and that’s what he loves, he loves driving the car, I suspect he’ll keep going,” said Anthony.

Anthony gave his analysis for the rest of the season. “There’s still a quarter of the season to go. At the end of the day, we’ll keep fighting until the very end win or lose. It would have been a fantastic season, win or lose.”

So, no one knows for sure how long we’ll get to witness the Knight drive to glory in his Mercedes. One thing we do know for sure is that he would hope to take this season’s championship battle till the last race and come out on top to claim his eighth title in F1.


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