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Anthony Joshua Opens up on His Son’s Future in Boxing



Anthony Joshua is one of the most celebrated boxers of the modern era. Having earned both an Olympic medal and a boxing world title, Joshua has witnessed a lot of glories. However, AJ has had a troubled childhood, and the Briton believes it to be the reason behind his in-ring killer-instinct. Although Joshua no longer needs to fight for money, he continues with his quest for glory in every fight.





Joshua is a single father now and is often spotted spending time with his son Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua, popularly known as JJ.

Joshua and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Osbourne gave birth to JJ in 2015. After the shocking split-up of the couple, the Briton now stays with his son and mother. While five-year-old JJ still appears to be unknown with the meaning of being a world champion boxer, Joshua has decided not to put his son into the sport.




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Speaking with GQ, Joshua revealed that boxing is a deadly sport where anything can happen at any given point. That said, one needs to have a killer-instinct within themselves. If not, Joshua does not consider boxing as a sport for them.



“It’s too hard. It’s a dangerous sport. I want my son to be the best man that he can be, but I don’t want him to be compared to me. You’re not going to be a boxing star without going through heaps of pain. Life is not a highlight reel. A career is not a highlight reel,” told Joshua.



As per AJ, people only witness the glamor and fame behind the sport. However, the Brit states that there’s much more underneath. Although Joshua believes his son to have the same spirit in the bloodline, he doesn’t believe JJ would have a killer-instinct without the complexities of life.

“We all have that killer instinct, but we dampen it down in life. That’s what we train for–that killer instinct. It’s what I do for a living. I had that instinct before I ever boxed, but now I know how to handle it, control it, and when to use it.”

“And that’s why I think maybe JJ won’t be able to box because when you come from a less violent background, do you have that instinct?” asked Joshua.

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