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“Aside from Michael Schumacher” – Lewis Hamilton Opens Up on ‘Calmness’ in Max Verstappen F1 Battle



Lewis Hamilton is an undisputed high flier in Formula1. He has as many records to his name one can possibly have as an F1 driver. However, he is eyeing an uncharted territory of winning eight world championships.



The Brit is heading into the final two races with an 8-point deficit to rival Max Verstappen. If he manages to cover this deficit and win another title, he will certainly enter a territory few people do in their F1 career.

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However, the Silver Arrows driver says that he is going into this last stretch with a certain calmness in his approach.



The Briton is known to fight his way back to the top in intense battles. Notably, his first championship win in 2008 came on the last lap of the season finale.

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In a recent interview with The Sun, Hamilton discussed his thought process before the big race in Jeddah. “There is a different calmness this year, I don’t know why I guess because I have had those experiences in the past.” said The Mercedes driver.

However, this fight has great significance because it is for the record 8th title, surpassing the legendary Michael Schumacher. Hamilton considers this might be his best title victory if he manages to bridge this crucial gap. “Would this be the best championship? If I get the job done, I think it will, yeah. But also, no one has ever been able to fight for an eighth, aside from Michael Schumacher. It is a new position, uncharted territory,” said Hamilton as reported by The Sun.

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