steps to quit masturbation

Bad habits to break are mostly unnoticeable until they cause harm to our healthy habits.

You might be asking yourself,How can or how long does it takes to break bad habits,but good news, they are not too hard to break or avoid.

Breaking junk character s,you need to realise them first.Under 15 minutes,you will get to know most bad habits you tend to do mostly. Which needs to be dealt with before they deal with you.

Studies have shown that,Bad habits are negative behavior done often or a daily routine, almost without thinking about them.They might seem harmless to you,but the truth is that,they have a large effect toour healthy eating on the long run.

Exmples of most common habits are,eating of junk food,bad sleeping posture,rubber,operating your phone while in a convesation,un- healthy eating habits and lot more

Here I’ll give you a more complex list of this Minor sins,you might be wondering what’s minor sin,well that how I do call them,it a nick.

List of Bad habits to break


Now let get started


Bad habits to break

Masturbation is a normal part of sexual health. It’s a fun activity that can be a safe way to explore sexuality and self-pleasure”

Kimberly Holland

Although masturbation is part of a healthy persons sexual life,but too much of this is problematic.

As the saying goes“too much of everything is bad”

If you masturbate several times in a day, that means you are addicted to it and a habit had begun and you dont even realise that its a bad one,not until you have waste your time away.

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there are full reasons that you are over stressing your reproductive organs and hurting your sexual life.the most Paramount effect of masturbation is that,premature ejaculation occurs and you even loose your spouse.

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bad habits to break

Am not syaying borrowing money is bad but spending your money before it forms visible to you is bad,

I’ll advice you to always be contented with all what you have.

I was a head pratictional of this habit,I would borrow money just to buy the latest outfit, shoes and even buy food for my friend.then by month endings,when I reacieve my salary I would just pay off all my dept leaving me with nothing I would be totally broke.then going on the circle again,before I had to quit.

You should take care of your financial health yourself to become a greater person.

“Borrowing today to pay tomorrow is harrowing; loan sharks will arrow your marrow till sorrow wash over you.”
Vincent Okay Nwachukwu


Eating your finger nails don’t only shows how childish you are,but also aids the consumption of bacteria’s because such habit is unhygienic.

Research shows that over 2million germs are present in your nails,biting your nails is not only harmful but also destructive to your health.

Biting your nails can also cause your tooth enamel to break or cause a huge pain to you and making you unable to eat even your favourite food.

don't degree with every thing
Try to say the word NO..

You have to notice that you can’t please everybody,if you accept every proposal without you cruising out some,by this you don’t display your worth.

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You are cheap just like ’burger‛.you have to learn how to say the word NO…saying yes to everything would have a catastrophic or harmful effect on you.

social media

checking social media daily is not bad,but when you find yourself craving or creating time out of no time in checking your news feed on a regular routine ,then your are going the wrong  way.

This behaviour grows into an outstanding productivity that tends to yield out to a bad habit.

To worsen the situation,when you wake up in the morning the first thing you take is your phone or laptop even with your eye stress, to check your feeds and friends,

Why not make a good use of your phone,build a good habit,feel good and have a better social life.

In addition, You spend your time watching the television,those you are watching had put their time into something so you can watch them,so why not do yours,be creative find something doing.


Procrastination is the act of delaying a task,postponement is actually a force that make you or prevent you from doing the task which you have set down.

I’ll tell you this!!

Procrastinating destroys a lot,it deploy you of time.It not just a bad habits but a prove of unseriousness

bad habits to stop

Smoking is a bad habits to break ,an habit that has been commonised in the society.

I’ll tell you this !!

The statement smoker are liable to die young is no joke at all.

your lung can be affected while smoking,causing cough,asthma and even cold.

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Mostly smoking causes

  • Smelly hair
  • Poor visionconstricted blood vessels
  • Yellow fingers
  • Heart diseases
  • Wrinkly skin
  • Persistent coughing

IN research 84% of people died each year from lung cancer in the US.And this is as a result of smoking

Below is a well analyzed effects of smoking

pictorial smoking effects
Effects of smokingBad habits to break


Picking your nose is one of the social life bad habits to break,putting your hands into your nose can destroy your nasal cavity.most people even go extra mile to pick their nose and eat. That’s disgusting enough for people or a friend to avoid you

Not only that,it cause your nose to bleed


Forming the habit of takeing excess liquor is destructive,contact an agent here to help you conquer this habit

If you need any surpport on how to quit this habit you can contant an AA Agent here @

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