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Charles Leclerc Takes a Strong Stand Defending Lewis Hamilton.



The Brazilian Grand Prix saw Mercedes W-12 of Lewis Hamilton outpacing every other car in the grid. Naturally, opinions came pouring in, and many claimed that the Briton is only as good as his car. However, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc does not believe that Hamilton’s car was the sole reason behind his performance in Interlagos.





Lewis took a new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) for the Brazilian Grand Prix, his fifth for the season. So, many people who follow the sport were of the opinion that the Grand Prix win should be entirely credited to his car, which is best in the paddock.



However, Leclerc did not conform with this opinion. “I don’t agree,” he said, as reported by Express. “Obviously Lewis has a very strong car at the moment, but I think he managed to go beyond what that car could give.”



Ferrari driver Carloz Sainz also responded to this debate. “Yes, I saw this debate all over social media today,” said the Spaniard, as reported by PlanetF1. “Why don’t we talk about a combination of both? A great driver, an enormously talented driver, with a car that was really dominant this weekend.”



Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso wasn’t entirely satisfied with the fact that Hamilton went on to win the race after getting a 25-place penalty over the weekend.

“As a driver, it’s like playing basketball, and there’s one basket for you and one for the others. They score their points with a bigger basket, and you have to score yours with a smaller one, so you always lose,” said Alonso, as quoted by SpeedWeed.

“I was surprised on Saturday. I mean, I think we were all surprised that a driver has 25 penalty places on the grid in one weekend and still wins the race, but it is what it is.” added Alonso.



The Spaniard is concerned about the future of the sport, taking into account the monopoly of Mercedes on speed in the current scenario. He believes the sport should be more competitive in order to inspire the younger to take up the sport on a professional level.


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