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Chiefs’ QB, Patrick Mahomes Reacts to His Record of Interceptions so Far This Season



Despite Patrick Mahomes individual struggles with the Kansas City Chiefs, his team hasn’t done terribly this season so far. They are currently with an 8-4 record as one of the most interesting teams in the NFL, but Mahomes has been trying to find the sweet spot for many games.



In the mean time, he recently spoke about the many interceptions he has this season. Between 2019 and 2020, Patrick only threw 11 interceptions. However, he already has 12 of them in this season alone after 12 games played. When asked about it, Mahomes tried to play it down.





“I mean it just happens, it’s part of football,” Mahomes said during Wednesday’s press conference. “Luckily enough, our defense is playing good enough that whenever they happen, they’re able to get stops and get turnovers or whatever it is and not let it impact the team. But you understand that turnovers are a huge part of this game”.



“Our defense is getting a lot of turnovers and winning that turnover battle. I’ll try to limit them as much as possible, but at the same time I have to be me and continue to throw the football and give guys chances to make plays.”



As it sometimes happens with many different athletes, Patrick Mahomes is currently going through a phase. The reason everybody is making such a big fuzz about these interceptions is because Mahomes has been considered a ‘FUTURE GOAT’ since he started his career.



For many, he is even considered the ultimate heir to Tom Brady’s throne. So, a minor slump that exposes him even a little bit is considered catastrophic when it’s really not that serious. Patrick is expected to eventually get back to the best version of himself, whether it’s this season or the next one.

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