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Dwayne ‘THE ROCK’ Johnson’s Insane Car Collection…



According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth amounts to $400 million & it will keep on Increasing in the near future. Dwayne Johnson has earned a major part of his earnings from his acting career. He is currently semi-retired as far as the wrestling front is concerned, and focuses a great deal on his career at the Hollywood.



The Rock is also a massive car fan and, as the most popular actor in the world right now, he has access to a lot of them…So, let’s take a look at some of The Rock’s collection.



Rolls Royce Wraith



Talking of a celebrity car collection and not including a Rolls Royce? Well, that’s not fair! Among the Dwayne Johnson cars resides a Rolls Royce Wraith. The Rock looks tough and masculine and so does his Wraith. Dwayne has been seen driving his RR to the sets multiple times. It is not surprising at all because Rock can easily own a $300,000 car. He has done such appreciable roles in Hollywood and must have got some amazing cheques for the same!

Plymouth Prowler



Another one among Dwayne Johnson cars is the Plymouth Prowler. We have never seen a car like this one and there is a little possibility that we will see such a car in the near future! With its retro dragster like design, the Prowler never fails to catch eyeballs when The Rock takes it out on a spin. Dwayne got his hands on this one while shooting the Michael Bay movie Pain and Gain. He doesn’t own it as of now but this one surely deserved a mention as he has driven it.

Ferrari LaFerrari



While Dwayne was already struggling to fit inside his Pagani, Ferrari gave him a Matte White LaFerrari as a complimentary lease. This supercar was the flagship model of the Italian automaker. The Ferrari LaFerrari has got a 6.3-litre V12 engine and generated 950Hp. This is an incredibly rare and great car but sadly Rock wasn’t comfortable riding this one too

2017 Ford GT

Dwayne has been endorsing Ford in the US for long. He has been seen in many advertisements and continuing his struggle to fit inside supercars, he chose a 2017 Ford GT for himself. Dwayne posed with the supercar at Ford’s headquarters in Detroit. Just to let you know, Ford made only 1000 pieces of this beauty.

1971 Chevy Chevelle

No one knows if The Rock actually owns this but if he does, this one is an absolute delight for those who love muscle cars from the past. This is one of the finest cars we have seen him driving on the screen. While Vin Diesel also owns such muscles from the past, Dwayne is also believed to own this one.

Pagani Huayra

This is one of the most exotic and expensive cars on the planet! Dwayne Johnson cars have got one among them. Rock chose this one to be his ride for the premiere of the hit HBO show Ballers. Just to let you know, the car costs around $1.3Million! However, The Rock struggles to get inside this low-ride vehicle because of his height. Therefore, this can’t be a daily driver for him. Now you know why he is seen driving his F-150 quite often

Ford F-150

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