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Ecclestone Makes Absurd Comments Concerning Lewis Hamilton’s Future in F1



Recently, Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff suggested that a ‘disillusioned’ Lewis Hamilton may not continue in Formula 1, that he might retire. And now Bernie Ecclestone has made a huge claim about Hamilton’s future.



In a recent interview, Ecclestone claimed that he had spoken with Anthony Hamilton and “realized immediately that he did not want to talk about his son’s future.”



“I think he is retiring, that he will not race next year. His disappointment in Abu Dhabi was too great, and I understand him,” Ecclestone claimed.





But the former executive of F1 then went on to suggest that now that the Briton is tied with Michael Schumacher with seven titles, it’s the perfect moment for him to fulfill his dream. And that dream of Hamilton’s, in Ecclestone’s eyes, is of being a fashion entrepreneur.



Bernie Ecclestone’s comments are sure to add more wind to the already raging fire surrounding Hamilton’s Formula 1 future. But the bit about Lewis’ dreams outside of F1 can be interpreted as a dig at Hamilton’s personal style and off-track life.



And this isn’t the first time Ecclestone has commented on Hamilton’s off-track achievements.


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