Effect of the Coronavirus outbreak on Transportation Industry


  • Effect of the Coronavirus outbreak on Transportation Industry
  • Effect on Global system
  • Possible changes

The Coronavirus disease which is also known as covid19 was first
discovered in Wuhan province of China on the 17th of November, 2019.

The virus is said to be highly infectious that anybody who comes in
contact with a victim, will contract it and that people may be sick from
1-14 days before developing symptoms of the infection.

There have been speculative assumptions that vitamin C supplements,
lemon juice, marijuana and chloroquine can be used in the treatment
of COVID-19. These are untrue as none of the assumptions have been
subjected to clinical trials.

As of now, there is no specific treatment or
cure for the novel coronavirus. Patients are advised to drink fluids, get
rest, and take cough medicines and fever relievers as needed. There
has really been unyielding results in the distribution of foods, hand
sanitizers, face masks, etc nationwide due to setbacks that COVID-19
has occasioned on the transportation industry. Lately, various sectors
have been providing palliatives to help cushion the impenetrable time
and further spread of the deadly pandemic.


The impact of COVID-19 is massive and enormous. Illnesses and
deaths are just the obvious health effects, but in addition to these are:
children being out of school, disruption of operations and closure of
businesses, many people on the brink financially, transportation
networks grinding to a halt as travel is restricted. These are not just
peculiar to Nigeria as a state but is also applicable even in the most
advanced world economies

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As a result of the coronavirus pandemic,
and its strict preventive measures imposed on the citizens of Nigeria
by the federal government, many of the sectors of the country’sn
economy have been slowed down. And one of the affected sectors is
the transportation sector.

The Transportation industry which is under the watch of Hon. Chibuike Amaechi has been facing major setbacks since the outbreak of

Over the past four months, the effect of the coronavirus Outbreak on Transportation industry has caused a huge setback in generating revenue for the country. This is
because of the lockdown order issued by the Federal, state and local
government in a bid to prevent the virus from spreading. The federal
government had on the 28 of March, 2020, issued a lockdown in Lagos,
Ogun and FCT. And Rivers State on the other hand, directed the
closure of all the state boaders including air and sea.

For this reason, construction work on Abuja-Kaduna rail, a major
source of revenue upon completion has been halted, this is also a few
inches backward to the industry.

Despite the huge setbacks that has
greeted the sector, it still cannot be halted in it’s entirety because
palliatives will be transported to various households during the
lockdown to cushion the hard time, medicines and medical related
equipments will be dispatched to various hospitals and test/isolation
centres through the means of transportation

Further more,the task force created by government to regulate the
lockdown will be using transportation; Medical experts will be tracing
contacts of the virus through transportation. Response to distress
calls is also with the help of transportation.

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Consequently, it is clear
that the transportation industry injunction with ministry of health is in
the frontline in the war against coronavirus.

Students of the nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary
instructions are currently at home and the academic calendar has been
greatly altered; students also are now exposed to some social vices
which may affect their future.

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