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Ex-British Driver Disregards Lewis Hamilton’s Achievements.



Sir Jackie Stewart revealed he could never regard Lewis Hamilton among Formula 1’s greatest drivers. In addition, the former British driver also said that the Briton had an unfair advantage over his rivals because of the conquering Mercedes team.





And after equaling Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 wins at Nürburgring, the reigning champion took a dig at Jackie Stewart. The Briton accused the past legends of always speaking negatively about him.



Despite the previous tussle between the two, the three-time world champion, Jackie Stewart is rooting for his fellow compatriot, Lewis Hamilton, to win the record eighth championship title at the end of this season.





With just five rounds remaining this season, and the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton trailing by 12 points in the driver’s championship, Jackie Stewart still believes Mercedes and Hamilton can turn the table around because of their vast experience.



“I think both [Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton] can win the championship,” said Jackie Stewart. “But thanks to their experience, I believe Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton still have a better chance,” added the three-time world champion. (Translated via Google Translate)


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