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Ex-F1 Champion Brutally Shuts Down a Lewis Hamilton Fan on Twitter



Ex-F1 Champion Brutally Shuts Down a Lewis Hamilton Fan on Twitter

Damon Hill, the 1996 F1 champion and pundit, has a piece of advice for those who are still mulling over the events of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – get over it. Damon recently replied a Lewis Hamilton fan on Twitter user who brought up a completely different and controversial topic on one of his tweets.



Hill had posted a tweet to express his respect and pay tribute to Ronnie Spector who had recently passed away. He wrote, “Where would we be without the Ronettes? My favourite. her version of @GeorgeHarrison‘s ‘Try Some, Buy Some’ Epic. #RIPRonnieSpector.”



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But a Twitter user tried to have a clever response to Hill’s tweet, “Is that song about @SkySportsF1 and @F1 “journalists”?! Or @fia? Asking for a friend.”



Ex-F1 Champion Brutally Shuts Down a Lewis Hamilton Fan on Twitter



“If you are a Hamilton fan, do yourself a favour and get over it because its not coming back. Ever. Look forward to seeing @LewisHamilton sock it to ’em in 2022. Winners don’t constantly bleat on about how unfair it all is. Show some backbone. Queue hate,” Damon Hill fired back.

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In a discussion with other Sky Sports pundits, Damon Hill described why the Abu Dhabi proceedings towards the end were unsatisfactory. “I think it might have even been unfair because if you look at it from the point of view of how the decision was made, it allowed some cars to unlap themselves but not others,” Hill said.

He added, “That in itself is unfair. What it resulted with is a focus on the two title protagonists and I don’t think you can run a motor race or a championship like that, you have to apply the rules equally to all competitors.”

Yet, these are just opinions, be it from a fan on Twitter or from a pundit like Damon Hill. So, unless we get an official analysis from the FIA regarding the controversial events, we wouldn’t know ‘for sure’, what happened, how it happened, and more importantly, who made it happen.

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