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Ex-F1 Driver Warns Teams of Lewis Hamilton ‘Regret’ Amidst Retirement Rumors.



Ex-F1 Driver Warns Teams of Lewis Hamilton ‘Regret’ Amidst Retirement Rumors.

The FIA has now promised a detailed analysis of the title decider in Abu Dhabi. Further, Michael Masi’s credibility is being increasingly questioned, as his decision in the final moments of the race not only prohibited Lewis Hamilton from taking the crown but also left the interpretation of the rule book in shambles.



So, as F1 reconstructs itself slowly and steadily, we still await Hamilton to break out of his silence. However, will the answer be given on the race track in 2022?



Rumors of the seven-time champion’s retirement have been spread far and wide. Additionally, there is nothing that contradicts them, other than the opinions of F1 insiders and pundits. For now, that’s the hope to hold on to Hamilton will be back.





Anthony Davidson makes a compelling argument in this regard. “I’m sure he will be. I would want to be if that just happened to me. Who wouldn’t want to get back into that car this season, and go and put things right? Because I’m sure that’s what he wants to do.”



Davidson also shared an interesting observation regarding Mercedes. “If there’s one thing to motivate a team who’s just won their eighth constructor’s championship; because you could get complacent, there’s no better way to motivate that team of strong thousand people, plus in Brackley, to come back this year even harder than before”.



Davidson also fires a subtle warning. “The other teams might go on to regret that.”


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