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Exploring Lewis Hamilton’s Homely Colorado Mansion of ‘Love and Memories’



Lewis Hamilton is the highest-paid F1 driver and also a multi-millionaire. Other than the incredible labels on his clothes and the cars in his garages, Hamilton allows himself to enjoy another virtue. Other than the numerous beautiful houses Hamilton has across continents, his Colorado mansion may take the cake. The champion bought a lavish abode in the Colorado Hills, and it is stunning; filled with warmth and what looks like a lot of happiness.





The penthouse in New York, the house in Kensington- Hamilton has a lot of houses; but this one he calls home. The Brit often sends his winters in the Colorado mountains. “I’ve never really been home. In my winter, I go to the mountains [in Colorado], which I see really, as my main home, because it’s a house and it’s full of love and memories from people, the family that come every winter.”





The call of winter in F1 means the end of the season; a time for the drivers to spend time with loved ones and doing what they love doing besides the racing F1 tracks. And that’s what Lewis does! What’s better than the snow, Roscoe, family, and some warm pancakes?





The Mercedes driver joins many F1 drivers in having a house in Monaco, one he frequents more often. However, the mansion holds dear to his heart because of the warmth his family brings to the place. “Where I live in Monaco, it’s been somewhere I go back to, and I’d call home but it lacks those memories.”

From taking Roscoe out on the paddleboard to working out with a view, the Colorado terrain attracted the driver the most. Hamilton has often shared pictures of himself with his snowmobile and simply playing in the snow.

The house is very homely with its interiors dominated by wood, with wooden shelves, pillars, and tables. The house perfectly juxtaposes the wintery snow of the mountains outside.

As Hamilton is likely to take his coats and move to Colorado at the end of this season, will he enjoy the snow with the crown on his head, having broken yet another record in F1?


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