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Ferarri Driver Reveals His Wish Concerning Lewis Hamilton’s Retirement Rumors



Ever since the controversial title showdown in Abu Dhabi, there have been quite a few rumors swirling around Lewis Hamilton and his potential exit from F1 altogether. Consequently, the element of fear was injected into Mercedes, who have already had to fight through a similar phase with Nico Rosberg back in 2016.



Could this be the end result with Hamilton as well? Maybe. Maybe not. We can’t say for sure unless the 7-time world champion comes up with an official statement over his final decision. Interestingly, for the first time since Toto Wolff fueled the speculations, a fellow F1 colleague has opted to express his opinion.



Amidst the cloud of uncertainty, Ferrari F1 driver, Carlos Sainz, opened up that a driver like Hamilton shouldn’t retire from F1, especially considering the fact that the Briton is embracing his prime form at the moment.





What’s more, Sainz also pointed that, without Hamilton, he would lose the privilege of racing alongside one of the greatest F1 drivers on the same grid.



“I don’t know what Hamilton will decide to do,” Sainz told Marca according to Formula Passion. “I want to continue racing with him. He is one of the best drivers in history. I hope to continue sharing the grid with Lewis.”



Yes, the end to the 2021 season was painful, but, having been part of F1 for over 15 years, one allegedly unfair decision from Michael Masi isn’t going to stop Hamilton from chasing after his dream eighth championship title.

Moreover, this decision would plainly contradict his famous quote, ‘Still I Rise’. So, considering the odds are fairly stacked up against Hamilton retiring from F1, how is this rumor going to play out in reality?


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