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Fernando Alonso ‘Not Impressed’ by Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Dominance.



Although his former teammate, Fernando Alonso isn’t the biggest Lewis Hamilton fan. Although the pair have immense respect for each other, Alonso has been vocal about supporting Max Verstappen in the 2021 championship. Further, the Spaniard recently stated that Hamilton has failed to impress him anymore.





After Kimi Raikkonen’s exit from F1, Alonso will take over as the most experienced driver on the grid; following him, is Hamilton. In this context, Alonso isn’t surprised that Hamilton finds himself next on the list.





“In Formula One you are always motivated. If you win the championship, the next year you completely reset, start from zero and you will never get tired of success so I don’t think that is a strength for Lewis.” Thus, Hamilton’s victories over the last 14 years are no longer a sign of steadfastness.





Alonso explained, “Lewis has so many strengths but it is not impressive to keep winning–that is quite easy.” While F1 victories had become almost customary to the champion, this season, things had changed. Regardless, Alonso stays steely in his perception of Hamilton


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