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Fernando Alonso Predicts Outcome of Lewis Hamilton And George Russell Partnership.



Lewis Hamilton’s former teammate Fernando Alonso had some not so encouraging words for his future teammate, George Russell. The current Williams driver is not only one of the best talents on the paddock, but he’s also considered as Hamilton’s successor at Mercedes.





Yet Alonso feels that despite Russell’s impressive time at Williams, he won’t be able to beat Hamilton.



“In those two years when I watched the races, what George achieved with Williams – even if we was not in the headlights – was very impressive. But in terms of beating Lewis, I don’t know how it will work,” Alonso said, as reported by Independent.





Alonso explained that even if Russell gets closer than Valtteri Bottas, he still won’t be able to shake off Hamilton as the ‘main preference’ for Mercedes.

“Lewis is the legend, a great champion and it is never going to be easy to beat him. It doesn’t matter how talented you are,” he added.



These comments from Fernando Alonso about Hamilton recognize his incredible abilities, who admitted he has a ‘colder’ relationship with his former teammate now. Yet it’s interesting to see Alonso shower praise on the Mercedes driver after his comments on him post the race in Brazil


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