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Halloween Comes Early For Lewis Hamilton as he Surprises Fans in Shocking Costume.



Lewis Hamilton is full of surprises. Apart from being the skillful champion we know, Hamilton fights for a variety of causes. One of them being education. Passionate about the importance of excellent education, Hamilton took three students on a tour of the Mercedes F1 factory. However, it wasn’t the driver that showed them around the mega factory.





Hamilton paired up with UBS and found three young students who have their sights set on engineering, particularly in motorsport. To further their curiosity in the field, Hamilton took them around the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 factory in Brackley. But not before he became friendly engineer Des.





Fully attuned to his new persona, Hamilton only had one worry: “I hope I don’t scare them with my weird face!” The children were far from scared as Des as the “lead engineer” explained the workings of the W12, claiming to push it faster than Lewis himself.



When he finally revealed his true self, the kids were left stunned at meeting the F1 driver. “I met Lewis Hamilton!” was an exciting statement from a shocked, albeit happy student. Hamilton can consider his mission accomplished. The young girl, ABC, said, “I’ll remember this day forever.”



Initially, the three children had listed their dreams of venturing into the world of motorsport. One wanted to design cars, the other a Mercedes for his father. Their interaction with the team at Brackley and their driver had surely been a step towards accomplishing that dream.

After a trip around the factory and understanding how the engineers work, the trio sat down with the man himself. Lewis took the time to answer all the questions they had regarding his world. Even while answering the extremely well-thought questions, Hamilton doesn’t fail to inspire.

When asked about his input in the designing process of the car, Hamilton answered, “I ask a lot of questions. Even if it sounds silly. Because all these guys I’m working with, they’ve come from all the best universities around the world, so they’re super smart. But I’m always the one that’s learning something. So that’s good.”

His parting words of wisdom would surely stick with the kids in their future. “Right now, you guys just need to work hard at school and have fun. That’s the most important thing… Keep believing in yourself. Cause no one else is going to do it for you. And if I can do it, then you can 100% do it. Anybody can do and achieve something great.”

Hamilton continues to shape the next generation, leading as a true icon of the sport. As he continues his off-track projects, Hamilton has a massive task ahead of him on the tracks. With five rounds to go and a 12 point deficit, Lewis will now have to push his W12 to the “210 mph” to get his historic eighth title.


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