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How Are Kobe Bryant’s Parents After Tragedy?



Days after the tragic helicopter crash that killed NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others, friends, family, and fans remain in shock. Among those grieving are Kobe’s parents, Joe and Pam, with whom he had a complicated relationship. Here’s how they’re dealing with the loss of their son and granddaughter.





According to the Daily Mail, a neighbor said Joe and Pam have been too heartbroken to comment.



“I talked to them twice yesterday and took over food and a card, and briefly today, they are just devastated, as you can imagine,’ the neighbor said.



“It’s a private, awful moment, losing their son and grand-daughter, it’s just horrific. I was talking to Joe briefly the day before, we were out for a walk, it was all happy and good and talking about the gorgeous weather and then it switched in 24 hours where their lives were turned upside down.”





Vanessa recently took to social media for the first time to thank those who’ve reached out. There’s been no formal comment from Joe or Pam, but understandably, it will come in due time. For now, the family is still processing the devastating loss of not only their NBA star but young Gianna as well.

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