How to disappear and appear without magical

You should know the basic fact of how to disappear and appear without magical powers or magical expertise.

Vanishing into thin air requires alot of skills,time and everything you can put in place of it.

Have you ever wonder about your favourite magical artists,how they missed into the air?

Here i will be teaching you some basic steps on how to disappear and appear without magical powers,and of which you can’t forget in your entire life time.

Note:This is only for Educational purposes

How to disappear and appear without magical

What you need.

  • A phone/Laptop
  • Likee app
  • Magi+ Video Editor
  • Pause and play button on your video recorder.

Most phone and video Editor app can make you disappeared,just like the one’s I mention above.they are good video maker that would make you disappear just exactly like your favourite actors.

Now I’ll tell you how to use those mentioned above.


Likee is an app that let you create wondrous and powerful magical and amazing videos,which you could share to millions of people in just a seconds.

The app is built-in with a wondrous 4D and AI magical and expertise tools with some special effects you can use to create disappear and reappear, awesome videos and backgrounds.

You can make yourself jump, fly, disappear like ghosts or take off with a jet throttle,and make yourself superior.I recommend likee for you,because it a great app for vanishing.

2.Magi+ Video Editor:

Magi+video Editor is another outstanding app to get yourself out of this world and pursue boredom.

Magi comes with powerfully packed tools,that would turn your video or photo into a powerful magical comes effectively with superpowers effects like energy ball, and magic shield, accompanied by natural powers to disappear and appear again.

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But I have to tell you this,the app comes with a paid and free section.But for beginners I’ll advice you to take a free section.

3..Pause and play button on your video recorder:

Amazing,your phone can make you disappear and appear into the walls or any object without any magic skill,perfectly!!

  • Just go to your video camera app
  • Click on record
  • Make your viewer run into these ealls or any object with a limited speed
  • When he reaches the walls,click on your pause button in the camera
  • Tell your viewer to leave the scene then click the play button.
  • Do the same for reappearing again,it works perfectly.

Amazing right??,yeah that just a perfect trick,stone away boredom and enjoy the fun.

Naturaly you can’t vanish without spiritual or magical powers,d not be deceived,nobody can vanish without having any magic or being spiritually blessed.

How to disappear and appear without magical
How to disappear and appear without magical

So stay guided,try out this hints I have given to you and you will know How to disappear and appear without magical expertise in the real world.

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