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Stop burning your data! See how to download YouTube videos,Instagram and Facebook for free.(steps with pictures)

You’ve been wondering if you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter directly to your phone gallery, or if you can save them for a later offline view without consuming a data plan.

Okay, downloading YouTube videos gives you a lot of advantages, such as saving your data, creating an easy offline view.

Over the decade, YouTube only allows users to stream video online and on their site without being able to download it. Why is this happening? Downloading videos from YouTube is contrary to their policy, so you are not allowed to download videos. But with time they came up with you paying some cash and becoming a premium member so you can download videos.

Don’t like to spend!!!

But here I’ll teach you how to download YouTube videos for free without paying a dime to YouTube.Follow this step by step and you’ll get it amazingly.

Feel free this article

covers How to download YouTube videos on mobile phone and pc? This tutorial works for mobile phone and personal computer (PC)

How to download YouTube videos directly into your gallery.

This simple hack has been working for me for years now,follow up!!!

For This tutorial I recommend you to get Mozilla fire Fox or phonix browser.

  1. Open your web browser and search for YouTube, or enter the URL directly.
Search youtube on your web browser

Note:You can’t use the YouTube app,so I’ll suggest you to get a web browser.Web browser like Mozilla fire fox and Phoenix are best.

2.After searching for the keyword “YouTube”,click on it and wait for the page to open.

how to download YouTube videos directly into your gallery

3.You’ve got to be very careful here there are two steps here that will work well and I’m going to list them effectively.And please Follow this guide how to download YouTube videos for free with care to attain a good results.

  • By clicking on the video you want to Download
  • By long pressing the video you want to download:long press the video and an item or menu would open,check well you see the option to copy URL,copy it and then go to best YouTube video downloader savefromnet ,insert the link and then download. Of you don’t understand this then keep Reading.

Click on any video you want to download, actually a page will open with the video automatically playing.Hit the pause button,You don’t want to burn data any more or do you?

Look clearly at the top of the video,you will see the link for the video,make sure you are careful.

Click on the link

4.Click on the link ,at first the link would be clothed on grey or any colour,if this happens then touch the link again.

Then move the link cursur as directed on the pics below in-between (m.) And YouTube.

Clear the M. section

5.Now clear the (M.) and replace it with double S(ss). Then hit the enter button, you’ll be redirected to another page where the file for download youtube video would be available

Like this

Insert the ss

6.Amazing, Redirected to

I think you don’t need much talks here,just the format for you download either webM or Mp4 download format,but for Android users choose Mp4 format.

savefromnet official download page

If after pressing the Download button, you have been redirected to the Advert Page, cancel the Ad Page and go back to this page to click the Download button.

Congratulations you can now save more data by download videos from YouTube for free.

Hope it’ll work for you.

How Can you download Instagram video.

Can i download videos from youtube or videos  sent to you by your friends? Yes,you can absolutely download such videos.

In the past years,it been hard to download anything from Instagram,most times when you download or even screen-record a dm or story not to even talk of VIDEOS on Instagram user do get notifications or alert from Instagram that you have sreenshot or screen record their videos or chat.

But this was in the past, Instagram quickly roll out that feature from the app.

You’ll know how to download Instagram videos on your Android device as we go on.

There are so many apps that promise to give you the best chance to download Instagram videos from them.

But out of many, so many do not worth it at all,most time one do get or download broken videos from them.But here I’ll show you how and where you could download videos from Instagram for free.

how can i download videos from instagram? follow these step for better chance and a good quality of video.

Here is a list of trust-worthy site to download videos from.

But here we’ll be using because we’ve been familiar with it on the YouTube videos.

Step 1

Guess what! You can use both the app and a web browser for this step.

Go to Instagram.

If you don don  an account you can sign up.

Search for videos in the Instagram search option.

Step 2

Click on any video you want to download,you Will see a three menu button at The upper 

right-hand of the video

Click on it.

Step 3

A menu page will be opened for you, containing many option,there In,check well you’ll see an option for Copy link

step 4

then go to,then past the link you copied into the link space.

The link would automatically redirect,then click on the format you want to download.

If you dont understand anything,you can use the comment section I’ll reply you.

How to download Facebook Videos

Just as the above lectures, downloading videos from Facebook is as simple as ABC.

1.All you have to do is to launch to

Open a new tab

2.Now go to your Facebook app

3.Click on videos

4.Hit the menu button on each video(a three horizontal dot at The upper right side of the the video)

5.Click on copy link(that is,the link on that video )

6.Then head on to savefrom .net and input your link

7.choose a better file format

8.Then Download.

Stop wonder why I do choose savefromnet,save fro net,is the best online video downloader because you don’t have to download any other applications which would consume your space.

In addition,other download apps do come up with pop ups which are very much annoying.

Use the comment section if you don’t understand some part I’ll respond to you.


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