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[60 Tips] How To Make My Husband Love Me Again And Want Me More

by Newsdawnn
How to make my husband love me again more than before

How to make my husband love me and want me more again,has been some of the major question been asked by married women.

But , before then!

You might have experienced the flight of love from your husband right from the early years of your marriage, But, just then you noticed a sudden change. Guess what! There might have been something you’ve done wrong or you might have killed the romantic spirit that limunated his love for you, so! how do you make your husband love you and want you more than ever?.

Well there are many efforts that you could apply to make your husband love you again and even respect you the more, actually, in this article,I have outlined 60 attributes that you must possess that will make your husband want only you. 

There are many Ways To Get Your Husband To Love you and even want you in bed. Most times you might just Work on your Appearance, show him Respect, Surprise him with Gifts Spending quality time together, find solutions to your Problems Amicably, pray together and give Him Space and privacy. And then you’ll see that he might even love you more than his family. 

But! What if all these tips above don’t work out? Don’t panic! you won’t lose your husband to another woman after reading my ever guide on how to make my husband love me and want me more than ever.

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How To Make My Husband Love Me Again

All my outline here,were points share by collective women,who had experience a shallow break in their marriage,but with time got to know the source of their fallings and got to fix it. So I think this tips should also be helpful to make your husband love you again.

  1. Tell your husband that he’s your hero
  2. Do not treat him like a project in need of a major overhaul by not accepting him the way he is.
  3. Do Mae sure you give him a massage particularly after a hard day.
  4. Do not spend money frivolously or live outside your means,
  5. Make sure you are conscious of his peeves and avoid doing them.
  6. Do not be non-responsiveto him
  7. Make sure you initiate sex sometimes
  8. Do noy’t fail to accept responsibility for things in your Relationship or always place blame on him.
  9. Tell him that he is a winner.
  10. Do not forget to tell him that you appreciate him,i.e always appreciate his efforts.
  11. Do make sure you buy him bookss pertaining to his career and goals..
  12. Do not destroy his hope by continually reinforcing what he cannot do.
  13. Help him to create a family Budget.
  14. Do not be too judgmental.
  15. Buy him and wear sexy lingerie.
  16. Do not carry around emotional baggage.
  17. Do tell your husband how smart he has become.
  18. Do not exclude him when making decisions that affect the family.
  19. Do make sure you let him know you understand what hi is saying when he discusses problem.
  20. Never Make him pay for mistakes made by men in your past relationships or events.
  21. Do make sure you are his greatest encourager.
  22. Do not forget to tell him just how important he is to you.
  23. Make sure you initiate a living attitude.
  24. Don’t be jealous of his friends or prevent him from spending time with them.
  25. Do,affirm his goals,vision and dreams.
  26. Dont be too suspicious and distrusting of him.
  27. Tell him that you believe in him.
  28. Never fuss at him constantly.
  29. Be grateful and let him know that you appreciate the things he does for you and family..
  30. Do not be too serious,so much that you constrict his sense of humor.
  31. Do Make sure you tell him that you a re proud of him.
  32. Do not disrespect him.
  33. Tell him about his qualities or attributes that you delight in.
  34. Do not forget the importance of being visually appealing to him.
  35. Make sure you forego making love sometimes and just have sex.
  36. Don’t be frigid.
  37. Save mementos from special dates,movie ticket, theater guide,airplane tickets, hotel keys and lots more.
  38. Do not compare him to previous boyfriends or your father.
  39. Allow him to satisfy and please you.
  40. Do not emasculate him through words and actions.
  41. Make sure you stimulate him visually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
  42. Don’t be paronoid.
  43. Maintain your dignity and identify.
  44. Don’t Make him feel like he’s not needed.
  45. Reminisce about special memories and create new ones.
  46. Do not attack his intellect.
  47. Make a big deal out of Valentine’s day and father’s days
  48. Don’t embarrass him.
  49. Continue to learn and grow.
  50. Do not make him feel as though he cannot please you or make you happy.
  51. Be thoughtful and considerate of his feelings.
  52. Do not overanalyze his actions and words.
  53. Explore your husband’s mind,body and soul.
  54. Do not spent too much time in organizations which exclude him.
  55. Always be passionate.
  56. Do not withhold sex as a means of punishing him.
  57. Do play romantic games like challenging him on who can be the most romantic in a week.
  58. Do not make him compete for your attention.
  59. Let him buy things that are just for him sometimes and not for the family.
  60. Tell him what you want and need. Dont assume he is a mind reader or that he already knows.
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Hope this advice on how to make your husband love you madly? Helps you well. many women have been there and done that. Make sure you

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