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Ice Age Meals Net Worth and founder info 2021

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Ice age meals net worth

What does ice age meals means and who is the founder? The founder of Ice age meals is Nick Massey, his aim is to debunk the myths of nutrition and show people the truth about food, So in this article I am going to tell you about Ice age meals net worth and also pure reasons why the organization was formed.

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The ‘Chief culinary ninja’ at Ice Age Meals began this company from his passion and is striving with a fantastic purpose. He went to culinary school and had been cooking for over 20 years.

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Table of Contents

What is Ice Age Meals all About

The founder,Nick Massey started this meal shop out of passion. Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery service in line with the paleo and zone diets. These diets consist of meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, starch, and no sugar. It isn’t your average frozen dinner; these meals are prepared and cooked in small batches by Nick Massey himself, then flash froze and delivered directly to your door.

Throughout his career, he has worked in 25 different foodservice establishments.

Nick Massey Ice Age Meals Career

Nick Massey had the opportunity to become the personal chef of Lance Armstrong in Aspen,Colorado. The few years he worked for Armstrong was the catalyst for the beginnings of Ice Age Meals foodservice. With the experience he gained while working for Armstrong, Massey was able to mesh his passion for CrossFit, which was inspired by Armstrong himself, and the culinary arts to create PaleoNick.com.

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Shank Tank: Ice Age Meal Net Worth

Nick Massey paced before the doors of the Shark Tank filled with nervous energy. With nowhere for it all to go, he pumps out a few sets of pushups to relieve his stress. When the time finally arrives to walk through the double doors. He’s beaming with a smile across his face and charisma to match. Greeting the sharks with an astounding hello, instilling them with the same vigor. He introduces himself and follows up with an offer of a $1,000,000 investment for 10% of his company.

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So how much is ice age meals net worth? Ice age has an estimated net worth of about $200,000 from selling of diet foods and services.

Wrapping It Up

With the financial strength of the company being solid as ice, everyone now wants to know more about the man behind it all.

He utilized the Paleo-diet, a program he followed himself, but it’s a controversial subject in diet clubs around the country.

He had been intending to propose a lower valuation to the sharks, but the sudden prospect of a deal with CrossFit worth million had left him unprepared for the tank, and unwilling to under-value his potentially soon-to-be booming business.

This is all I know about ice age meals net worth,you can use the comment section to tell me what you think I am missing out.

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