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K.C Chiefs’ Juju Smith’s Mother, Sammy Blasts Pittsburgh Steelers.



K.C Chiefs' Juju Smith's Mother, Sammy Blasts Pittsburgh Steelers.

Watching Juju Smith-Schuster sign for Kansas city chiefs was very painful for Steeler fans. The latest news out of the Schuster camp this time is from his mother, Sammy Schuster who went all out on the Steelers on how her son was underappreciated.



According to Sammy Schuster, her son Smith Schuster wanted to stay in Pittsburg for one more year but the Steelers “didn’t want him”, she wrote on her Instagram page on saturday as she lamented the loss of more than 400k followers.



K.C Chiefs' Juju Smith's Mother, Sammy Blasts Pittsburgh Steelers.



She further stated that “There’s always one person who fights to keep the love alive… in our case…we Juju & I fought to stay in Pittsburg bc it was nerver about money, it was about loyalty but I guess Steelers had a new boyfriend in mind so they didn’t want Juju anymore”.





Her post goes to show that it was probably a painful decision for them to make but, Kansas city fans are glad and can’t wait to see him play for the Chiefs.



Sammy Schuster also went on to thank fans who her still supporting her son. She wrote; “fyi Pittsburg! we fought to stay!!!, if your not wanted then why? stay!!. Thank you to the loyal family (fans) who are still following me!!”

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