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Lebron James Share Few Reasons Why He Has Always Seen Michael Jordan As A Role Model Throughout His Basketball Career



LeBron James has always seen Michael Jordan as a role model throughout his basketball career and ascendency to superstardom, and it’s no coincidence that he has worn the No.23 jersey at numerous points during his journey, but just who of the pair has the most money? James currently has four championship rings compared to Jordan’s six, although time is against the former, who will turn 37 in December, with regards to catching his idol.



Jordan’s business empire was centred around the Jordan brand, which became huge after his retirement from the sport, and as such his fortune is speculated to be worth around 1.65 billion dollars. It initially touched 2.1 billion dollars but he is understood to have lost around 500 million dollars due to the COVID-19 crisis. Jordan made around 90 million dollars in his NBA career, but the bulk of his fortune is thanks to the businesses he started and worked with after he left the court for the final time.





He invested 175 million dollars in the Charlotte Hornets back in 2006 and when he eventually became the majority owner of the franchise in 2014, it was estimated he had put in around 625 million dollars of his own money into the Hornets. Yet, despite the global pandemic, the value of the team has skyrocketed to 1.5 billion dollars, meaning that Jordan is destined to make a profit on his investment whenever he decides it’s time to sell up.



James also boasts a significant business empire away from his basketball, and he is not far behind Jordan in terms of a portfolio According to Forbes, James has earned more than 1 billion dollars during his 18-year NBA career with 400 million dollars of that coming in salary, whilst more than 600 million dollars has arrived through his various business ventures. It is estimated that after all taxes and other outstanding payments, James’ net worth is around 850 million dollars, which puts him just behind his idol.


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