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Lewis Hamilton Is Willing To Do Something He Resents in Order To Bag Title From Max Verstappen.



While Verstappen adjusts to track walks, Lewis Hamilton has been clocking in the hours on the sim. having openly rejected the idea of a simulator, Hamilton has now changed his beliefs for the championship as well.



In the week’s break between the two races, Hamilton spent seven hours in a day on the sim in Brackley; followed by four on the Monday ahead of the weekend. Hamilton has been giving it his all as well.





“This is the best I have been able to give in a year, the training, the time balance that I have,” he said. “I made every sacrifice I could this year. I don’t think I have left anything undone, so at this point of the year there are no regrets”.





It only shows how competitive the protagonists have become. In a season where the tides have shifted, either way, it remains an absolute mystery who holds the advantage ahead of the race in Jeddah. Will it be a title decider? Nonetheless, it will be a fascinating race ahead.


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