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Lewis Hamilton Reveals the ‘Horrendous’ Details of His 1st F1 Title With McLaren



Lewis Hamilton is a 7-time world champion in Formula One. He won his first world title in the year 2008, which was his second year in the sport. Currently, he is in battle with Max Verstappen for his 8th world championship.





But Hamilton has stated that in his world championship challenge he had no structure or guidance. He described was reliving his championship year in 2008 was horrendous.



As reported by Sky Sports, the Mercedes driver mentioned that the journey to the championship was horrible and he did not enjoy it. He also stated that he did not know how to handle the curveballs back then.





“My first title? It was horrendous. The journey was terrible, but he’s what, six years in? I was in my second year.” said Lewis.

“I didn’t have a great structure around me in terms of management, I didn’t have help to know how to handle all these curveballs sent at me. I didn’t have all the experience, I didn’t have all the tools – except the ones in the car.



But I was learning all these other tools in order to how to be a great teammate, work with a group of people and help them elevate, and all these kinds of things. Which was different for me then.” said Hamilton.

But the then Mclaren driver concluded by mentioning that he is grateful for those moments and cherishes them very much.

“I’m grateful I’ve had the experiences. I know how to build my team, I know how to win with my team and I know how to enjoy the ups and downs with my team,” said Lewis.

It is nice to hear Hamilton’s comments after all these years and it showcases how good management plays such an important role for the driver.


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