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Lewis Hamilton Reveals The Powerful Meaning Behind His Motto ‘Still I Rise’



The phrase ‘Still I Rise’ might sound quite familiar to the entire Formula 1 community, with the spotlight often revolving around Lewis Hamilton. The 7-time world champion has frequently brought this phrase up, be it on the track by engraving it on his helmet or off the track through his social media posts.



Of course, many Hamilton fans may already know what this three-worded phrase means and how powerful it is proving to be in pushing the Briton to greater goals.



To the ones who are unaware of its meaning, here you go. The Mercedes driver has explained the meaning behind ‘Still I Rise’. Hamilton revealed that his brother, Nicholas Hamilton, was one of the biggest inspirations behind the motto.



“Naturally, those words I learned as was initially from 2Pack (Tupak Shakur). He was my favorite rapper. And then, going to the root of that knowing Maya Angelou (American poet),” he told PUMA. “I think for me was just really watching my brother.”



Lewis Hamilton revealed how his brother, who is coping with cerebral palsy inspired him to always keep pushing and rising, irrespective of how many times he tumbled down.

“He would always… He’s disabled. He would fall down and I know he couldn’t understand why he didn’t have… He wasn’t given the legs that worked properly,” Hamilton said. “But, he would get back up and try again, get back up and try again.”



“He would never complain and I noticed that I would stumble along the way at certain things and you just have to get back up and keep going. So, still I rise because, eventually, when you do achieve something, you’re like ‘I stumbled 10 times or 100, whatever it is. But now, I made it‘,” the 7-time world champion concluded.



Overall, Hamilton has been unstoppable since the beginning of his reign in 2014. He has won all but one title since then. Yes, that reign could well end this season amidst Max Verstappen’s challenge for the throne. Despite trailing the Dutchman in the championship, Hamilton continues to rise.

Can he clinch what could be a record-breaking 8th F1 title? Well, the answer is hardly a month away.


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