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Lewis Hamilton Set To See Specialist As Injury Fears Raised Ahead Of Russian Grand Prix



Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton says he’s set to see a specialist over the next few weeks “just to make sure” he’s fit to race at the Russian Grand Prix after crashing with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in Italy. In an awkward and unusual accident, Hamilton came away from the Italian Grand Prix shocked by the crash as both drivers had the races ended early.



Hamilton was exiting the pits on lap 26 of the race, with the Briton taking the inside line into Turn 1 to defend against Verstappen, who bumped along kerbs and collided with the seven-time world champion, beaching both cars in the gravel, with the Red Bull wedged on top of the Mercedes. In the aftermath, Hamilton revealed he was suffering from a “huge headache” and was feeling tight after being hit on the head by a wheel.





The seven-time world champion flew to New York on Sunday evening after the race to attend the Met Gala, but added on his return he would be seeing a specialist ahead of the next race in Sochi. “His rear wheel landed on my head,” he said. “I think the rear wheel landed on it, the Halo, and I think the most cambered part of the inside of the tyre landed on my head.



“I think I’m just going to be travelling these next days, but I probably will need to get to see a specialist just to make sure I’m good for the next race, because it’s getting tighter and tighter. But I’ll live.” Hamilton was seen trying to reverse the Mercedes out from under the Red Bull, but eventually had to give up and was seen climbing out of the car, with Verstappen already on his way back to the garage.

Explaining his thought process, Hamilton revealed he just wanted to get back out racing, thinking about positions lost in the race. “Looking back at the footage, it obviously happened incredibly quick,” he added. “And in the car, all I can think of is getting going and how many positions I’m losing. I’m still just in race mode. “It’s just like, ‘How can I get going again?’, and I’m sitting there in a little bit of pain, but just like, ‘Come on, let’s go’.

“Unfortunately, the car wouldn’t move.” Verstappen still leads the driver standings by five points after picking up two points during sprint qualifying at Monza, with just eight races to go of the 2021 Formula One season


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