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Michael B. Jordan Reveals How he Convinced his Military Dad That he Could Act For a Living



Michael B. Jordan told Stephen Colbert on Thursday that convincing his mom he wanted to pursue acting was easy, since she’s an artist. It was his practical father, who served in the Marines, that he had to win over.



The “Creed” star recalled the moment it happened: Jordan had booked a Doritos print ad, but his mom couldn’t accompany him to the shoot. So his dad took him.





Jordan was ill that day and said he impressed his father because he “drove through the sickness.”



“I was throwing up, I was sleeping, then somebody called ‘action,’” Jordan recalled on “The Late Show.” “I got up and went over there to the set, shot the job, and when they yelled ‘cut,’ I went back over there, I threw up and went to sleep again.”





But it wasn’t just that. “When he saw me on set and he saw how the rest of the adults treated me, and my work ethic, he finally was like, ‘You know what, my son is actually taking this seriously. He’s a professional right now,’” Jordan said.


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