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Michael B. Jordan Shuts Down Internet Troll Over His Stature and Parents.



“Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan has become more recognized since the Marvel movie hit theaters, but one Internet hater tried to criticize him — and he had the perfect response.





It started when a Twitter user pointed out that Jordan lives with his parents, loves anime, and is only 5-feet, 9-inches tall. He added that he was told those things are “unacceptable.”



The comment didn’t go unnoticed by the actor, who quoted the tweet and expertly fired back. According to Jordan, he is actually 6-feet-tall. In regards to his parents sharing a home with him, Jordan said that “they live with ME.”



And when another Twitter user started criticizing Jordan for only naming “mainstream” anime characters, Jordan responded. Chrissy Teigen also jumped in to defend Jordan. “Yes I’m sure those are the ONLY differences between you and him lol,” Teigen wrote. Rethinking her tweet, Teigen suggested that perhaps those are the only things the Twitter troll has in common with the talented actor.





The Twitter user later said that he didn’t intend for his comment to be interpreted as disrespectful toward Jordan. Anyone who has followed Jordan’s career, interviews, or old tweets knows that he has always proclaimed his love for anime. During a recent interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Jordan also mentioned that he lives in the same home as his parents.


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