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Michael B. Jordan’s Girlfriend, Lori Reveals How he Won Her Mom over



The model, influencer and burgeoning entrepreneur was the first guest as The Real rolled out its newest season. During her interview, Harvey was asked about her relationship with Jordan and shared that he’s made quite the great impression not only on her but also her family. He and her mom Marjorie get along swimmingly.





“They’re actually really close,” she says. “They talk all the time. They hang out. They’ve gone out on their little lunch and dinner dates. I don’t even know about [it]. He’s like, ‘oh yeah, I just took your mom to dinner.’ I’m like, ‘okay! That’s cute.’”



She added, “I’m like, ‘y’all talking about me?’ They’re like ‘yes!’ They have a really good relationship.”

When asked what makes their relationship so special, she ran down a list of things that make their connection a strong one.





“We just really balance each other and I really believe in the statement, ‘when you know you know,’” she said. “I think that really applies to our situation. You know, we just have a really good time together. He’s so sweet. Very attentive. He listens to me, the things I say that I want and he really makes an effort. So I think that’s what’s special about it.”

So what’s the sweetest thing Jordan has done for Harvey? We’ve seen the stock acquired for her in fashion house Hermes, and the private dinner at the aquarium. Harvey says that’s cute and all, but it’s the much smaller gestures, like a simple trip to the farmers’ market, that take the cake for her.



“It’s the little things, the everyday things is what I think really is what makes him special,” she said. “He just listens to me when I talk. Even the other day I’d just been saying I really want to go to a farmers’ market. And so he like called me one Sunday morning and was like, ‘What are you doing? Get dressed. I’m about to come pick you up.’ And he like took me an hour away to this really cute farmers’ market. We had the best day. It’s things like that.”


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