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Michael Jordan Continues To Break Records After Retiring 18 Years Ago.



The legend of Michael Jordan continues in the NBA to this day. He has been pivotal throughout his time in the league and still is, 20 years after his retirement. His most recent collectible being sold for a whopping price, even now, is a testament to his greatness.



In fact, this auction added another incredible record attached to his name. The six-time NBA champion’s debut ticket at Huggins & Scott Auctions was sold for $264,000 on Friday.



This is the most anyone has ever spent on buying a collectible sports ticket. In fact, the original bid was $220,000 but a 20% buyer’s premium attached to the deal further increased the price.





Before this, the most valuable ticket ever sold was Game 3 from the first World Series in 1903. It was Game 3, between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Americans, that ended with Pittsburg’s 4-2 win. In October, it was sold for $175,000, a record Jordan has surpassed.



This is not the first time that one of his memorabilia has smashed records. As a matter of fact, his rookie season game-worn sneakers broke his own record by being sold for $1.472 million in October.



Can you imagine? This is a man who last played in 2003 but continues to lead a fan-following willing to spend millions to hold on to his souvenirs.


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