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Michael Jordan Spent a Whopping $65.1 million on ‘This Beast’.



Michael Jordan is one of the most renowned sports personalities in the world of basketball. NBA fans often refer to him in debates surrounding the greatest player of all time. Jordan profited off his NBA career as he raked in big bucks through playing contracts and playing contracts. He helped the NBA market basketball to a whole new worldwide fanbase.





Michael Jordan is one of the few billionaires in the world of professional sports. The Chicago Bulls legend astonishingly hit the billion mark in terms of his net worth after his playing career came to an end. His current net worth, according to multiple sources, is around a whopping $2.2 billion.



Jordan’s insane net worth has resulted in him not having to use usual or cheaper modes of transport. Fittingly, ‘His Airness’ uses a private jet for most of his personal and professional travels. He owns an expensive Gulfstream G550 jet.





Jordan earned a total of $93.7 million in salary during his NBA career. He maintains brand endorsements with the Nike Jordan brand among other brands. Jordan earns an estimated $100 million per year from endorsements and many other business ventures. He became a billionaire with his ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets.



The luxurious Gulfstream G550 jet reportedly cost Jordan a whopping $61.5 million. He initially covered the jet in powder blue and white colors inspired by his alma mater, the University of North Carolina. However, the jet now has a painted cover inspired by his iconic Jordan Brand shoes.


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