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Mick Schumacher Vows to Break Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Record.



Mick Schumacher is currently in his rookie season with the Haas F1 team. Schumacher did not have an ideal first gig, but he is looking to improve in the coming seasons. Lewis Hamilton is on the verge of breaking his father’s record of most F1 titles and he is not too bothered about this. The rookie is of the opinion that these records won’t change his perspective in any way.



Legendary Michael Schumacher has won 7 world championships, the last one being in 2004 with Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton is gunning for his record 8th championship win and is up against Red Bull prodigy Max Verstappen. The two protagonists will enter the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend later this week on equal points.





Mick Schumacher won the 2020 FIA F2 championship and entered F1 with a lot of expectations. The fact that he is the son of the great Michael Schumacher might have put some extra pressure on him. He was asked about his views on the current rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull and the fact that Hamilton might break the record of most F1 titles this season.



He had a rather straightforward answer to it. “Who will win, that remains to be seen. And if it’s Lewis, so be it. But for me, my dad will always be the best!” . The German is planning on moving forward with a more realistic approach. He made a point that these records will eventually get surpassed and he will keep going till he breaks it over again.





“Well, my dad always said that records are there to be broken. Accordingly, I just have to get going. I’ll keep going until I finally break it again!” .

Schumacher’s former teammate Felipe Massa is rooting for Max Verstappen to win the title this season. “He deserves it,” said the Brazilian as reported by PlanetF1.

“It would be great to have another World Champion. Max would give anything to win. Even if it means he ends up in the gravel.” he added. Following that, he also made it clear that he wants his friend and former teammate to hold the record for most championships. “I would like Schumi to remain the record-holder with his seven World Champion titles,” said the former Red Team driver.


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