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New F1 Regulations That Might Affect Lewis Hamilton in 2022 Season



Formula One will enter a new era in the 2022 season. The sport is introducing new regulations and new cars to promote competitive racing. There will also be a drastic change in tires as F1 is presenting new 18-inch tires to replace the current 13-inch tires.


We expect that the new regulations could shake the grid and some other team might come out on top. But F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali mentioned that the runaway leaders could be closed fast.



When the sport went into the Turbo-Hybrid ear in 2014, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton came out on top and stayed on top till the 2021 season. The sport is trying to prevent another dominance so every team can get a chance to at the top.





As reported by Autosport, there is a possibility that one team might emerge as the runaway favorite at the beginning of the season. The gap between the front running team and the rest of the grid could also be bigger.



But to counter such things from happening, Domenicali is confident that the new regulations might limit the gap.



“It is clear that in the context of a season that starts with new regulation and the budget cap, differences between the cars could emerge greater than what people might expect.

“But I am equally sure that the limitations linked to the new regulations will mean that if there are these differences, the gap will be closed more quickly,” said Stefano.

Well, all the F1 fans would like to see a close fight between the team in 2022. Even though there is a possibility that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton will still be the fastest, it would be interesting to see if any other team could take the fight to them and come out on top.


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