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Newly Crowned F1 Champ Max Verstappen Selling His Car for Charity.



Max Verstappen is in the Christmas giving spirit. In a recent announcement, the new F1 champion revealed that he is putting his car up for auction for a charity event. Displaying the car on December 17, Verstappen fans have a very enticing event coming up.



Verstappen’s Honda Civic Type R is now up for grabs! In collaboration with, the driver has put his stunning white car up for auction. The ‘Max Verstappen’ model is as exclusive as it gets.





A hatchback, there is a staggering machine under the covers. Petrol-fueled and having already been driven 58,048 km, Verstappen acquired the beauty back in 2018. Manual transmission with a six-speed gearbox, the machine harbors 272 KW of power in its nimble chassis.





The car also has a very interesting estimated price, reflective of Verstappen’s racing number- € 33,333 [$ 37,553.22] Although not unveiled yet, the car sounds like an absolute beast. The proceeds will to the Wings for Life charity.



Now that he is a champion, Max Verstappen will display a proud number 1 on his car. Exclusive to world champions only, Sebastian Vettel was the last driver to use the number on his F1 tub.


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