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NFL Analyst Compares Patrick Mahomes With Packer’s Legend.



NFL Analyst Compares Patrick Mahomes With Packer's Legend.

In an era defined by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the rise of offense, saying anything too negative about the quarterback is a rarity. However, one analyst isn’t “sold” on the Chiefs’ quarterback. John Middlekauff compared the quarterback to a past legend. Of course, that, in itself, speaks volumes, but the show host predicted a similar ceiling in one critical way.



“I have a feeling Mahomes could be on the Brett Favre track. Look at his stages 96-98. He took the league by storm: three MVPs, two Super Bowl appearances, three NFC championship games. “ He continued, saying that, as good as the quarterback was, his team never got back to the big game.



NFL Analyst Compares Patrick Mahomes With Packer's Legend.



“I’m sure the people back then thought Brett Favre would win three, four Super Bowls, but he never made it back. Everyone seems to think that Mahomes is a lock for the Super Bowls. I’m just not sold.” In other words, John says the Chiefs’ quarterback has peaked in terms of team performance. Both players have had explosive starts. However, Brett Favre’s team continued to win but failed to reach the same height in the middle-to-later part of his career.



Basically, John Middlekauff is still expecting great production from the quarterback over the long-haul. However, he isn’t committing to a Brady-esque prediction for the Chiefs’ quarterback’s career just yet.

In his young career, the franchise quarterback has accomplished more than most quarterbacks accomplish in their entire careers. The Chiefs’ signal caller sat for his entire rookie season, with the exception of a Week 17 start to allow Alex Smith to rest for the playoffs. Mahomes won the game, giving head coach Andy Reid the signal to go all-in on the quarterback.



NFL Analyst Compares Patrick Mahomes With Packer's Legend.



In his first starting season in the NFL, the quarterback went 12-4 and nearly set the record for touchdowns thrown in a season. Over the ensuing two seasons, the team made the Super Bowl twice, winning the game once. However, after winning the Super Bowl in 2019, the team started to backpedal.

In 2020, the quarterback’s team lost the Super Bowl in a blowout. In 2021, the team failed to make the Super Bowl. Now, early into 2022, the Chiefs had to cut ties with Tyreek Hill, one of the core weapons used by the quarterback since his rookie season. In the eyes of Middlekauff, the regression has started, and the team may never find the height they found at the turn of the decade.

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