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Nicholas Hamilton Gives Another Update on Lewis’ Welfare While in The U.S on Vacation With His Family.



Lewis Hamilton has been awfully quiet since his disappointing defeat in Abu Dhabi, with no social media updates or media interviews. Subsequently, rumors of the 7-time world champion retiring from Formula 1 started spreading around like wildfire.



Amidst the wide range of speculations, what is the exact story behind Hamilton’s silence? Well, here’s good news for the fans hoping to hear something positive about Hamilton and his future in F1.



The Briton is doing well and is apparently with his family in the United States celebrating Christmas. During a Twitch stream, Nicholas Hamilton revealed the same and further acknowledged that his brother is on a social media break to evade the toxicity.





During the stream, one of the fans asked Nicholas to weigh in on Lewis Hamilton‘s unusual silence on social media in recent weeks. “How is Lewis because he unfollowed everyone on Insta?” the question read.



The British Touring Car driver then replied that Hamilton is having the time of his life with his family, skiing and playing Call of Duty with his brother.



“Yeah, Lewis is fine. He’s just having a bit of a social media break which I don’t blame him for. Social media can be a very toxic place. But, yeah, he’s cool there. He’s fine. Yeah, he’s alright. He’s currently on… he’s watching the kids ski at the moment,” he said.

It is likely that Hamilton is currently residing in his Colorado home, as he often visits this place with family every winter. Overall, amidst the ever-rising concerns over his potential retirement, this crucial update from his younger brother does offer one a sigh of relief. So, will the Mercedes driver make his way back to social media by early next year?


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