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Nico Rosberg Settles Schumacher-Hamilton GOAT Debate With Quirky Answer



Nico Rosberg only one driver who has driven alongside the two legends of the sport. Having been teammates with both Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton in his career with Mercedes, Rosberg somehow made it out successful and a champion. However, in today’s debate about how is better Schumacher or Hamilton, Rosberg gets crafty with his answer.





In a recent interview, Rosberg was told that he was the only driver to beat Schumacher and Hamilton as teammates. To this, Rosberg replied, “Maybe I am the GOAT! Of course, I’m just kidding.”



In a sport where your teammate is your biggest competitor, maybe Rosberg isn’t completely wrong. In 2012, Rosberg outscored Schumacher on the driver’s standings. The stats are in Rosberg’s favor; although Schumacher’s career overall is a different story.



His infamous rivalry with Hamilton had also always been exceptionally close. 2016, however, is when Rosberg had his moment; robbing Lewis Hamilton of the title is something only a few drivers can be proud of.



Nico Rosberg is the only driver with the credentials to answer the Schumacher-Hamilton debate. For him, it’s Lewis Hamilton. “Lewis has an amazing natural talent. If we look at talent, he’s probably the best of all time. And he really builds on that, that instinct is phenomenal with him.”



Although if Lewis was talented, Michael Schumacher was more diligent in his craft. “Michael, he would drive tests every day, even though he is a seven-time world champion. But because he also knows that you can always learn a little bit there.”

Nonetheless, what goes without saying is that Hamilton and Schumacher were absolute titans of the sports. Both record setters and breakers- they have written F1’s story. Now, with Hamilton looking to make history by breaking the Red Baron’s record of 7 titles, will he be impeded by another growing legend of the sport?


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