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Patrick Mahomes’ Celebration vs Los Angeles Chargers Sparks Controversy.



Thursday Night, Patrick Mahomes’ KC Chiefs pulled off a thrilling victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. The match was a roller coaster ride with an insane ending and spicy controversy. The Kansas City Chiefs won 34-28 in overtime, extending their winning streak to seven games.



Just over a minute into overtime, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with tight end Travis Kelce for the game-winning 38-yard touchdown. After the “walk-off” score, the Chiefs poured onto the field at SoFi Stadium to celebrate.



Ever since Patrick Mahomes pulled off a last-ditch TD over the Chargers, controversy has been rife. After scoring the touchdown off Travis Kelce, the QB was seen celebrating vehemently. His emotional celebration however was seen by many as a dig on the Chargers dugout. Thanks to this, NFL Twitter has been buzzing ever since.





Despite the celebration being over the top, I see it as a celebration with no malice. It was simply an outburst of emotions, which is normal when you win a big game like this. The QB himself acknowledged this and shared how much of a special moment it was.



“To be in that moment, find him [Kelce] underneath, and him making such a dynamic play. He cut back, ran by people. You would think he’s old, he can’t run by people, but he’s still running by people. And he got in the end zone. It was just a special moment,” said Patrick Mahomes.



Speaking about the match, coach Andy Reid acknowledged how difficult it was. “It was a battle,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “This was two heavyweights going after each other.”

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