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Patrick Mahomes Defends Fiancee, Brittany From Internet Trolls



Patrick Mahomes Defends Fiancee, Brittany From Internet Trolls

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL. When it comes to his personal life, there are two people in his life that fans always look to. Those two people are his TikTok-obsessed brother Jackson, and his fiancee Brittany Matthews.



Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes came to the defense of his fiancee Brittany Matthews after an interaction the couple had at a Texas Tech basketball game Wednesday drew social media attention.



A discussion between the couple was caught on ESPN cameras during the broadcast of the Red Raiders’ win over Baylor. Mahomes appeared to say something to Matthews, who looked to the person next to her with an animated response, seemingly mocking the quarterback.





On social media, fans were quick to say that Mahomes was being treated poorly and that he probably feels trapped in his relationship. It was the typical nonsense one could find on Twitter, and Mahomes felt like he needed to address it.





Matthews is someone that football fans have targeted in the past, and moving forward, it doesn’t seem like that will change. Hopefully, Mahomes and his fiancee are able to move past it

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