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Patrick Mahomes’ Hilarious Reply to Comparison With Other Players



Patrick Mahomes' Hilarious Reply to Comparison With Other Players

On the NFL Network’s broadcast of the 2022 NFL Combine on Thursday, fans were drawn to the drills featuring this year’s wide receiver class. That’s because some of them turned in some incredible performances in various drills, including some really fast times in the 40-yard dash.



While the official times released later on were a bit slower, the unofficial times displayed during the broadcast were what had so many people talking about them on Twitter.



Specifically, there was a single run by Baylor wideout Tyquan Thornton that set the Combine ablaze. Comparisons of Chris Johnson or even John Ross were brought up in the aftermath because it came down to this.





After seeing that, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made it clear he was watching the same broadcast that you were and he responded on Twitter.



From there, NFL Network even brought Mahomes into their broadcast . But as the network wanted to highlight the speed of Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ridder, they overlaid the footage from Russell Wilson, Marcus Mariota, and Patrick Mahomes, to which Mahomes reacted to on twitter



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