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Patrick Mahomes Holds This Unique Record Over Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers



Patrick Mahomes is an integral player in the KC Chiefs setup. His performances are directly proportional to the results achieved by the Chiefs. Earlier in the season, when the superstar QB was out of form, the Chiefs were hapless.



But as the season progressed, the quarterback picked by form, and thanks to his exploits, the Chiefs have qualified for the playoffs. His form in the last two months has been exceptional, to say the least. However, on a deeper look, this run of form is not a one-off as he tends to do exceedingly well during this time.





The Cheifs’ qualification to the playoffs is nothing less than a fairytale story. After being written out in the initial phase of the season, the team grew leaps and bounds to clinch the division.



A big part of the KC Chiefs‘ qualification to playoffs was the brilliance of Patrick Mahomes in the last few months. The KC Chiefs didn’t lose a single game in the month of November and December this year.



On further inspection, it is revealed that the KC Chiefs have an incredible 26-1 record in the months of Nov-Jan from the past three seasons. A big credit for this has to go to their superstar QB.



During the 26 games in this time frame, the star has completed 66.5% of his passes for 8,104 yards with 60 touchdowns to 13 interceptions and a 104.6 passer rating in those 27 games. His incredible win record of 96.3 percent in these months is the best in the NFL.

No player in the history of the sport including the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady has managed to match this. During that time, they also won three AFC West titles and made two Superbowl appearances as well.

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