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Patrick Mahomes’ Mother, Randi Survives Terrible Tornado Experience.



Patrick Mahomes' Mother, Randi Survives Terrible Tornado Experience.

The mother of star Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is safe after unsuccessfully seeking shelter at a fast food restaurant in Texas during a tornado warning, she said on social media. Randi Mahomes shared on Twitter late Tuesday night that she and her daughter had tried to take cover from a tornado at a fast food place, but couldn’t get in, despite beating on the door.



“BLESSED to be home. Mia and I just tried to take cover from a tornado warning at a fast food place whose lights went out, but no one would let us in,” Randi Mahomes tweeted. “My hand is bruised from beating on the door and holding on to the brick, and my baby girl I’ve never been so scared in my entire life.”



Randi’s daughter Mia had a softball game scheduled earlier in the evening, according to her Twitter timeline, which shows the girl in her softball gear with the caption, “Game time with my girl #22″.





Randi didn’t say exactly where the incident happened or what the fast food place was. Reacting to a comment on her initial post from a not too happy ‘Cindy Gonzales, she stated that she believes the people in the fast food restaurant were probably seeking shelter themselves.



“I feel now they were taking cover themselves and probably thought the beating on the door was the winds, rain or thunder,” she said. “So scary, I’m still shaken up. In the midst of all the crying and chaos, Mia asked me if we could pray.”



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